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A Shiny Two Shiny Compilation Has Been Released On Captured Tracks
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Gayna Rose Madder is perhaps best known for her work with cult Eighties band Shiny Two Shiny. Signed to Red Flame in 1982 they released a mini LP entitled 'Halfway Across The Rainbow' and a single from 'Waiting For us' that features different versions to the LP.

A mixture of bright and breezy synth pop with some darker undercurrents, both records made a dent in the indie charts with the band gaining positive reviews in the music press both for their releases and for their live performances. Acclaimed by John Peel they also broke through into the mainstream seeing some daytime airplay on Radio 1. They also toured Europe with some TV appearances along the way.

Originally under the name of Flo Sullivan, Gayna Rose Madder had started her musical career in a band called 'A Formal Sigh' back in 1980. A Peel session followed before she went on to form Shiny Two Shiny with 'Formal Sigh' member Robin Surtees.

She then embarked on a solo career, releasing one single as Flo Sullivan and two more as Gayna Rose Madder.

The solo work showed a progression and maturity from her earlier bands, resulting in a series of classic pop songs. These had a more natural, liberated feel that moved away from the synth dominated early records. Unfortunately, due to a series of mishaps with record companies and distribution outlets, the records never gained the same level of attention as Shiny Two Shiny had done.

She is now set to release a compilation LP of her work from the Gayna Rose Madder period as well as working on new material with a band named 'Cant'. In-between she has been writing and performing in musicals based around her songs.

Website compilation CDs featuring unreleased songs are available to buy from the discography section.

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