January 2016: Well this really needed a spring clean.
I found that the .rm files I was using on the site didn't play on my PC even when I downloaded an up to date player, so it is obviously a very old format. I have updated the videos to .mpg format which should be playable by everyone. I have also added 3 clips for Town To Town and Singer's Hampstead Home Promo videos and an RTE documentary retrospective. Also added one extra live track from the Astoria which is a slightly improved copy.
I'm still looking for- a decent version of the Singer's Hampstead Home video, Tom O' Connor show and a decent copy of the Astoria gig if anyone can help.

IMPORTANT: The file sizes are larger than I had before. I know my web host has very slow download speeds for large files. I suggest you download rather than try and play the video online and also only do one at a time- if you are having problems then please let me know (richard@bubbyworld.com) although I'm not sure what options I will have. I strongly suggest you right click and "save target as". My test run by just clicking just has a wheel thinking things through and will probably take 15 minutes to do anything.

*** "Corporate Bastard" memo***
I fully appreciate there is probably copyright over these videos from someone or other. If you don't want them up here then I'll take them down but it would be a shame as these will almost certainly never be officially released and if they were then I would take these versions down. Nothing here is taking money away from anyone and can only promote sales of what is actually available.

Birthday Girl on "The Tube"

Loftholdingswood on "OGWT"
Birthday Girl on "OGWT"

Town To Town- Promo Video

Many thanks to John for providing this.

Live- Astoria 21 Feb 1987:
Harmony Time

Singer's Hampstead Home Promo Video (Poor Copy)

With thanks again to John.

Live video of Birthday Girl from Rough Trade Video "Not Televsion" VHS tape. Cat No. RTV2.
Many thanks to Trevor for the original loan although this is now an updated version.

Short Retrospective RTE
And a third thank you to John!!!


Gale force Wind
Town To Town
Singer's Hampstead Home

These should paste together to make one seamless track.