BULL 3-0

1. Kind- 'The House (A Dream)
2. Dufflecoats- 'Sunny Tuesday Afternoon'
3. Home and Abroad- 'Wipe Those Tears Away'
4. Field Mice- 'Other Galaxies'
5. Strawberry Story- 'Ashlands Road'
6. Fat Tulips- 'James'
7. Dalek Beach Party- 'Way Out West'
8. Haywains- 'Dusty Springfield'
9. They Go Boom- 'Body'
10. Confetti- 'Warm'
11. Confetti- 'Jenny'
12. Bedflowers- 'My Ex- Lovers Address'
13. Cesspit Rebels- 'Cabbage'
14. Cesspit Rebels- 'Deodorant Face'
15. Haywains- 'Kill Karaoke'
16. Music Seen- 'Friend Of AFriend'
17. Red Alarm Clocks- 'Cobwebs'
18. White Town- 'We'll Always Have Paris'
19. Duglasettes- 'Bellshill's Son'
20. Dalek Beach Party- 'Teddy Boy's Picnic'
21. Music Seen- 'Hairdresser In The Sky'
22. Dufflecoats- 'Uncertain'
23. Home And Abroad- 'Smokey Town'
24. Fluff, Fluff, Fluff, Fluff and Cuddleyness- 'I'm not ashamed'
25. Cudgels- 'Summer Colours'

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Info on the following bands can be found in the various waaah release pages as follows:

Kind- Bull 2-0
Dufflecoats- Bull 2710-32
Field Mice- Bull 4-0
Strawberry Story- Bull 2-0
They Go Boom- Bull 22-0
Duglasettes- Bull 21-0
Dalek Beach Party- Bull 10-0
Cudgels- Bull 9-0

The following bands I have limited info on- you can find some discographies on Tweenet by clicking on the links:

Home and Abroad
White Town

White Town were the only band we ever released that ended up getting to number one. I like telling that to people who ask whether any of the bands on our label ever 'made' it....


Countless fabulous releases. They have a website HERE


Countless fabulous releases- they have a website HERE.

They have a webspace here


I h info at all on the others bands- please feel free...


Despite threatening to be one of the great indie bands of all time the band split up with only one demo tape and unreleased 12 Inch to their name.
Limited details available on TWEENET. I might be able to rustle up the demo/live tape if anyone wants.
Bedflowers information: dannyxm@gmail.com